Powerful cloud communication features made accessible to all businesses.


Global SIP Network

Enterprise-grade network with direct connectors globally.

Real-time APIs

Real time API calls to support event-triggered communications.

SMS, Voice and Email

Use multiple channels in one automated campaign.

Elastic Scalability

No capacity constraints with world-class cloud infrastructure.

Reporting & Analysis

Get insights instantly with real time reports and dashboards.

Global Number Purchase

Purchase local landline and mobile numbers.


Multi-factor Authentication

No capacity constraints with world-class cloud infrastructure.

SMS Chatbots

AI-powered 2-way SMS conversations.

2-Way SMS

Set up automated SMS replies based on your chosen SMS keywords.


Auto-populate customers’ names and account information.

Alpha-numeric Sender IDs

Have your business name appear as the sender (one-way SMS only in selected countries.)

Trackable Weblinks

Track open rates with automatically shortened weblinks.

Auto Opt-out

Auto opt-out on ‘stop’ replies.



Create call menus with keypad prompts.

Payment Gateways

Securely accept credit card payments over the phone or via SMS.

Multi-factor Authentication

Increase security with randomly generated PINs.

Input Module

Prompt customers for keypad inputs such as account numbers.

Call Transfer

Easily transfer to a live operator or separate call queue.

Error Handler

Invalid entries and timeouts detected.

Voice Chatbots

AI-powered 2-way voice conversations.

Call Recording

Monitor calls, record legal agreements, or get open-ended survey responses.

Voice Biometric Authentication

Authorize callers based on their unique voiceprint.


Option to tag each IVR step to be used as a trigger for other communications.


Drag and Drop Design

Create brilliant visual designs with your own branding and color schemes.

Personalised Messages

Auto-populate emails with customer names and account information.

Video and GIFs

Create engaging emails with embedded videos and GIFs.

Auto Opt-out

Unsubscribed customers are automatically blocked from future sends.

Trackable Weblinks

Get click-through rates on your email campaigns.


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